We have one of your own on our Football team this year.

2023.05.22 23:01 Secure-Particular286 We have one of your own on our Football team this year.

I hope he enjoys his time here in my state and town. WVU has a big dedicated fan base since there's no major league sports here.
Posted story in the comments for those who can't access it.
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2023.03.16 21:45 goeers81 Seniors on the roster next season

Tough loss against the Terps. Refs definitely fucked up some of those calls.
Question about the roster: I know there's an additional year of eligibility for some seniors even with redshirting due to the COVID year. Who among the seniors on the roster still has eligibility left? I saw on bluegoldnews that Joe Toussaint has a year of eligibility left; was wondering if anyone else did.
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2020.04.11 03:09 Zapfit Is this why we haven't heard from Oliver Luck

From an article on Battlehawks star, Kenny Robinson, which was printed several days ago. Appears Luck may have been quietly released before the league officially suspended operations.
"Luck has time on his hands these days – don’t we all? – because the XFL, the upstart league which he was commissioner of had come to an abrupt halt in the midst of its first season, a terrible blow. That was one subject on the agenda for the conversation but Luck evaded that like it was a blitzing linebacker."
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2019.01.11 01:40 axe_mukduker Full Neal Brown Deal - Terms and Incentives
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2012.10.09 00:32 jayond Did Fox destroy everyone's home site?

the new Bluegoldnews (WVU) is just awful. the front page is so generic and the message is such a mess, I can't even browse it.
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2012.05.10 21:28 jayond Something to debate since it is the off season.

On (Scout's WVU site), someone proposed the Big XII could go to 15 and wait on the perfect 16th selection. Someone else added semi finals between three division winners and wild card would be cool. I suggest the three divisions as followed. The white would be WVU, Clemson, FSU, Miami and Maryland. The red would be TCU, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Louisville ( I suggested BYU earlier but would only want them if ND joined in Olympic sports and they were FB only). The blue would be OU, UT, TT, Baylor and OSU. I thought the SEC could have used it last year of they would have gone to 15 with WVU. Flame or expound away.
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