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Sumit - The Active Indian
Trekking in Meghalaya, India

My name is Sumit and I?live in Delhi.

While I am not an athlete or a fitness freak, I have been proactively trying to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Some of the changes I made to my lifestyle includes taking long?brisk walks and occasional runs, using a standing desk and adopting more ergonomic products, getting fitness bands and exercise machines for home, etc.

The idea of came into my mind while I was looking for the best fitness band in India.

I asked my friends and also started researching online.

While I consider myself quite proficient in research, the number of choices and the features in it overwhelmed me.

All I wanted was to quickly understand the product, it’s features and pros and cons and make a decision.

This also got me thinking.

I realized there are a lot of people like me out there seeking the same information and are getting confused about the products they want to buy.

With this thought in mind, I started The Active Indian website to provide useful product reviews. As I wrote more reviews, I also started writing about health tips and general stuff that will help you adopt a more active lifestyle.

Personally, I am big time into fitness bands, running/walking, and trekking/hiking. And based on that, I write articles such as:

Well, if you are one who doesn?t know which product is best for you and what actually the product is offering I believe you will find my blog useful.

Can You Trust The Active Indian?


I don’t claim to own each and every product that I review on this site. But I do buy one or two of each and do an in-depth research to identify the best products in each category.

I have a 5-year online research experience (yes I did it for a living), and I make sure all the information that I provide is accurate and up to date.

Sometimes, I just go around shoe and fitness shops looking at their products and asking questions about it. This helps me in being more accurate in my reviews.

And while I know that most people trust the reviews they get from friends and family, I would urge you to do your own research and find the best product for yourself. Every person is different and what works for someone else may not work for you.

While I have just started, I want this blog to be a go-to guide for those who are seeking the best and honest information about fitness products out there.

Either the product is good for them or not, and I want you to know that before you actually buying the product.

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