Best Backpack Brands in India (Trekking, Casual, Laptop)

Best Backpack Brands in India

A backpack has become a big part of our lives these days.

Whether you’re going to school, college, office, trekking, camping, official trip, or vacation, a backpack is likely to be your companion.

With something that is going to be used so often, it’s important to make the right decision when buying one. And knowing about the best backpack brands in India will help you make an informed choice.

Types of Backpacks in India

A backpack is a very generic term. In reality, when you buy one, you need to be more specific about the kind of backpack you need.

And while there are many names and types of backpacks available globally, in India, you’re not likely to find all the types being popular.

Below are the types of backpacks you are likely to use in India:

Day Backpack (also called casual backpack)Casual Backpack in India

A day backpack is a small frameless bag that you can carry using the shoulder straps.

These are usually used by students to carry school books and can also be used to carry small stuff (such as a pair of clothes and shoes).

These bags are not meant for a laptop (as they don’t have a dedicated space for a laptop), but you can carry one in it if you want.

These have pockets and compartments that you can use to carry basic essential items.

Laptop Backpack

Laptop Bagpack in IndiaA laptop backpack is almost like a day backpack, but it has a special place to keep laptops.

There is a compartment that allows you to slide and keep your laptop, which also has some padding to make sure it doesn’t get impacted by small jolts.

These laptops have a front compartment that can be used to keep laptop accessories such as the charger or the mouse.

The shoulder straps of these are usually padded to make sure it’s comfortable to carry.

Trekking/Hiking Backpack

Trekking Hiking Backpack in IndiaTrekking / Hiking backpacks are bigger in size and come with waist strap belts. The size of the bag you choose will depend on how long you’re planning?to be on the hiking/trekking trip.

Usually, a 50 Liter backpack can suffice for 2-7 days trekking/hiking trip. In case you’re going for a longer trip (7+ days), you need to get a bigger backpack (70-75 Liter)

These are mostly loaded from the top and?have lots of pockets and compartments as you need to carry a lot more stuff when going or a trekking/hiking/camping trip.

These usually include side pockets, front pocket, and in some cases may also have a shoe or hood compartment.

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Travel Backpack

A travel backpack is similar to a trekking backpack, but you don’t load it from the top.

Instead, it’s more like a suitcase with shoulder straps that you can carry on your back.

These travel backpacks have a lot of zippered compartments and pockets as you need to carry many essential items when traveling.

Camera Backpack

Camera Backpack IndiaCamera backpacks are made to carry DSLR cameras and other camera-related gear.

Since a DSLR is an expensive item, you need to make sure you get a proper camera backpack for it and avoid any damage while traveling.

These backpacks are made with a lot of cushion and easy access compartments.

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Hydration backpack

These are not very popular in India as of now but are slowly?gaining popularity.

These are meant for people who want to carry water or hydration liquid with them. It could be used when going on a short trekking or hiking trip as well.

Now that we have covered some of the backpack types you can find in India, let’s have a look at the best backpack brands in India.

Best Backpack Brands in India

In this section, I cover the 10 best backpack brands in India and the types of backpack they offer.

There are a few things I noticed when doing my research on the best backpack brands in India:

  • A lot of people now prefer buying a backpack online. This is due to the great variety that you can find on platforms such as Amazon or Flipkart or Decathlon. Based on my experience, you never get a lot of options when you go check out backpacks in stores.
  • There are a lot of popular brands that sell on Amazon/Flipkart, but are not available in multi-brand outlets, and don’t have their own outlets.

And in case you have more time and are interested in learning about each brand, you can read my detailed review below.


Quechua is one of the most popular brands in the backpack space.

It’s been around for more than 10+ years (at least that’s when I first heard about it). Their products are extremely high quality and are known to last long.

It’s known for its products for hiking, trekking, mountaineering, and adventure sports.

In India, you can buy Quechua products online (on Amazon) and in all the stores of Decathlon.

Types of Quechua Backpacks in India: Casual Daypacks and Trekking Backpacks/Rucksacks

Price Range:?

  • Casual Daypacks: INR 399-5,999
  • Trekking Backpacks: INR 999 – 12,999


Wildcraft?is an Indian outdoor and adventure product company headquartered in?Bengaluru.

As the company is slowly growing its footprint, you can now find the Wildcraft stores in many malls and markets. As of now, it has about 170 exclusive stores and sells its products through 4,000 multi-branded stores in India & abroad.

I have seen a sudden rise in popularity of Wildcraft bags. On my recent trip to North-east India, I noticed most of the people were using Wildcraft backpacks and duffle bags.

Their product range includes backpacks, duffle bags, hiking footwear, apparel and other products that are used frequently for camping or hiking.

The backpacks made by Wildcraft are made from high-quality nylon and are extremely durable.

The casual backpacks are in the INR 1000-2000 range and the rucksacks are in the INR 1500-3000 range.


Puma is a German footwear and sportswear manufacturer that started in 1948.

It is the third largest sportswear companies in the world.

While it started as a shoe company, it has diversified into other areas such as sports apparels and bags. Puma bags are fashionable and are quite popular among the young school/college crowd.

Puma stuff is more fashionable and trendy.

When it comes to bags in Puma, you can find good casual day packs and duffle bags. They have also started selling laptop bags (which are decent quality and come in lots of colors and designs).

Puma casual backpacks are in the INR 800-1500 range.


Skybags in a brand of VIP Industries (headquartered in Mumbai).

Skybags are in the same league as Puma bags. These are trendy and fashionable and are quite popular among young people.

Skybags products are aimed at travelers who also want to make a style statement with their bags and travel accessories.

You can find good quality casual backpacks and duffle bags, as well as some laptop bags and travel suitcases.

Apart from these, Skybags also manufacture trolleys, rucksacks and other travel accessories.

Most of Skybags products are priced in the INR 1000-2500 range.

Skybags also has a range of bags under the Footloose brand.


Gleam is an Indian bag manufacturing company based out of Bangalore.

While I couldn’t find any information about the company (as there is no company website), Gleam bags are quite popular online. A quick search will show you that these are sold on all major shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, etc.

And to be clear, not having a website is not a big deal as Gleam bags have a proven track record of delivering high-quality backpacks, leather bags, and school bags in India.

They seem to be selling quite well online as they are currently in the Top 10 bestselling rucksacks in India.

Gleam focusses a lot on selling trekking/hiking backpacks and laptop briefcase bags.

Their products are priced in the INR 1000-1500 range.

American Tourister

American Tourister is a brand owned by Samsonite (which is headquartered in Colorado, US).

American Tourister has been a popular bag brand for quite some time in India. You might have seen their ads on TV and in print media.

In India, American Tourister sells travel luggage bags, backpacks, duffle bags, business bags (laptop bags), and travel accessories.

American Tourister is a premium brand and invests a lot in marketing in India for brand building. Below is an ad they created recently:

Their casual backpacks are priced in the INR 1000-2000 range and their trolley, duffle bags, and suitcases are priced in the INR 2500-5000 range.

Mount Track

Mount Track hiking/trekking bags are quite popular online and I have seen a lot of people using this brand.

When I tried searching for their website or about their company, I stumbled on their half-baked website here -?

As of writing this article, their website is just a placeholder has no useful information.

Mount Track focusses on only one category of backpacks – rucksacks (trekking backpacks).

They have rucksacks in a wide range from 30 Liters to 90 Liters. While you may not find any stores selling their products, you can easily buy their backpacks from Amazon.

Their backpacks are priced in the INR 1000-2000 range.

These bags are relatively cheap when you compare it with the same quality of bags in Quechua or Wildcraft.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a premium US-based brand that sells shoes and bags in India.

Their bags are high quality but come at a steep price.

Currently, most of their bags are in the casual backpack, duffle bags, and gym bags category.

The price range for these bags is INR 2000-15000.

F Gear

F Gear is a Bangaluru based backpack company that sells it’s products online and through distributors.

They have a wide variety of products which include laptop backpacks, casual backpacks, trekking backpacks, suitcases, leather bags, and duffle bags.

You can check out their products online on Amazon or their own website.

Their products are priced in the INR 1000-3000 range.

They also have a collection of anti-theft backpacks and canvas backpacks (which I haven’t found in any of the other brands covered in this article).


Inlander is again private label bags company that sells on many online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal.

While I could not find Inlander company information or the website, it’s wildly popular in the rucksack category.

Inlanders rucksacks (trekking backpacks) are high quality and are in the INR 1500-2200 range.

Most of the Inlanders rucksacks are in the 50-70 Liters capacity, which makes it a good choice for trekking/hiking trip of 2-10 days.

Based on the feedback I have got from people who have used Inlanders backpacks, the quality is good and this is a good value for money backpack option.