Best Skipping Rope in India

Best Skipping Rope in India (Updated for 2020)

One of the most popular aerobic workouts is using a skipping rope (also called the jump rope). A skipping rope combines cardio and aerobic exercises to help maintain or lose weight and to enhance overall

Best Gym Gloves in India

Best Gym Gloves in India (for 2019)

If you frequent the gym to workout, you’ll know how hard it is to lift weights and hold different gym equipment without wearing hand protection. With gym gloves, you can hold weights more safely and

How to Avoid Knee Pain While Running

How to Avoid Knee Pain While Running

Among the many inhibitions of runners, one that tops their worry chart is- knee pain! According to studies, almost 40-50 % of runners get knee pain due to running. The physiotherapy department is full of

What to Eat After a Run

What to Eat after Running (All you need to Know)

After a good run, the body experiences dehydration and fatigue. It is important to understand that a good training schedule not only about running but also includes what you’re eating after the run. The body

Prepare for Trekking at High Altitudes

9 Tips to Prepare for Trekking at High Altitudes

Trekking through the mountains is on many people’s bucket list. There is something truly magical about exploring distant peaks and exploring nature in its purest and most astounding form. As incredible as the mountains are,

How to Increase Running Speed

6 Ways to Help you Increase Your Running speed

Once you get into the habit of running regularly, you may want to focus on increasing your stamina and running speed. Learning how to increase your running speed involves trying out and combining a number