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Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes a Day

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Walking 30 Mins a Day

The world is currently facing an epidemic of rising rates of non-communicable diseases corresponding to declining rates of physical activity. We all have become slaves of our sedentary lifestyles and bad eating habits. Doctors and

Benefits of Tamarind Seeds and Juice

Health Benefits of Tamarind Juice and Seeds (Imli)

Tamarind juice is a popular drink in Southeast Asia, India, Mexico, Pacific Islands, South America and East Africa where it was believed to have originated. Tamarind juice is made from tamarind fruit and has a

Flax Seeds (Poonaikali Seeds) Benefits India

Flax Seeds Benefits (Poonaikali Seeds)

It’s only a few months ago when I came to know what flax seeds are. I have heard the same many times when people would discuss the benefits of flax seeds and why everyone should