How to choose running shoes: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Whenever you are buying Running shoes you need to consider various factors which are very obvious like brand, price, colors, style, terrain, foot type. Most people in India buy running shoes based on the look of these shoes.

Regular runners and professional athletes actually know how to choose running shoes since they understand their foot mechanics, gait and undergo a lot of coaching and training. But if you have just begun running or planning to start running on a daily basis then you definitely need to educate yourself in choosing the right running shoes for yourself.

This post has been written keeping in mind, a beginner level runner.

Most people in India including our closed friends usually buy running shoes based on their looks and colors. Ask the next person you see wearing a running shoe about the shoe mechanics and what kind of running shoe they are wearing. You will be surprised that more than 90% of people who buy running shoes in India are not educated adequately to choose the right running shoes. They will only tell you about the brand of the shoes and that its very lightweight and comfortable running shoe.

The running shoe that your friend is wearing may not be the right shoe for you because each person has a different arch type and running form. For example, your friend might have narrow feet while you have wide feet and the shoes that are comfortable for your friend will not be comfortable for you.

Remember you are not buying sneakers online, you are buying running shoes online. Therefore you need to ensure that you are choosing the right type of running shoes for your feet to avoid any injuries.

How To Choose Running Shoes for Beginners (in India)

What are the main types of Running Shoes and which one you should select?

Running Shoes are basically classified into 3 main types.

  1. Neutral (cushioning) shoes
  2. Stability shoes
  3. Motion Control shoes

Almost all leading brands design these shoes based on a runner’s foot (arch type), pronation type (running form) and terrain you run on (road, trail, grass, tracks). Also, most shoes are designed for daily running (short distances) and some are marathon running shoes made for (long distance running).

How to choose the right running shoes

Picking the right running shoes is a simple and straightforward process.

Once you identify your arch type and pronation you will be able to buy the best running shoes online. Understanding your arch type is a once in a lifetime process and once you are able to figure out your arch type then selecting the right running shoes will be an easy and straightforward process for you.

Not only this you will be able to guide your friends and other people to buy and wear right running shoes.

Let us understand this simple and straightforward process to choose running shoes as beginners.

Step 1 – Identify your arch type

An easy way to understand your arch type is by doing a wet test. Its the combination of these things that need to be considered before buying running shoes online. You will have one of these following arch types.

  • High arch or medium to high arch
  • Normal arch or low arch
  • Flat Feet or very low arch

Step 2 – Understand your pronation

An easy way to understand your pronation type is by looking at your old shoes.

Step 3 – Where do you plan to run (Road / Trail / Track)

Most people in India run on roads or footpath and therefore need shoes which are made for Road Running. These Road running shoes but if you plan to run on trails then you need Trail Running Shoes

Step 4 – How frequently do you Run?

If you run on a daily basis or 3-4 times a week you need Daily Running shoes. However, if you are planning for a marathon then you need marathon running shoes.

You can use this Cheat Sheet every time you need to buy running shoes online.

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Now that we understand our arch type and pronation how do we buy right running shoes according to my arch type?

Imagine walking into any sports and athletic wear store in India looking to buy running shoes. Do you see anywhere written which shoes are made for high arch or low arch feet? No, they don’t because they don’t want to confuse an average buyer who is not educated on how to buy running shoes.
Also, it would mean that more time to be spent on educating their own staff about various types of running shoes so that they can educate consumers. This is not the trend in India but very well followed across all western countries. If you don’t believe us then you can watch this video.

How to buy the best running shoe online.

#1. Go to this website –

#2. Click on the desired type of running shoes you are looking to buy.

For example purposes, let’s take the example of a good running shoe – Nike Zoom Winflo 4. You can enter the name of the shoe in the search window to pull up the details.
How to select right running shoe

#3. Read the reviews

You will notice that there are 97 ratings and 2 expert reviews of Nike Zoom Winflo 4 shoes. You can read the reviews of these experts who have already tried and tested these running shoes and they provide a valuable insight about the shoe, its features, pros and cons.
Also, notice that every shoe on this website has a CoreScore which is a combination of inbuilt formula that they have designed to provide an accurate and unbiased score out of 100. The higher the number the better are these running shoes.

Pick running shoes according to arch type

#4. Check quick facts about the type of running shoes.

You will notice that these are Neutral shoes, made for road running and can be used for daily or short distance running only. These shoes are not made for marathons.

You can also filter these running shoes by Brand, Gender, shoes type (Road, Trail) and sort them based on popularity, Corescore and newest.

Unfortunately, the price and discount feature is not applicable to buyers in India because these are based on online stores that deliver only in US/Canada and Europe.

Is there any similar website in India where we can filter shoes based on arch type, pronation and brands.

This online store in India – will help you to choose best running shoes according to your arch type, pronation and terrain type. You can also check and sort the prices of these shoes and if there are any discount on branded running shoes. We will show you how to buy the best shoes for running in India.

Point your mouse on Men and scroll down to the Sports Shoes section as shown in below picture.

Choose best running shoes Myntra

One you reach this page you will notice an option to select shoes based on your arch type. Lets select medium arch type on this screen.

Buy Best Shoes from Myntra

We need to verify if the information on Myntra is correct and whether Nike Downshifter 7 is for medium arch runners. For this we need to go to

Best Running Shoes online

As per Runrepeat Nike Downshifter is made for normal, high or medium-high arches. Therefore its clear that we can buy running shoes online from Myntra.

Bonus Tip: One you are able to find out your favourite running shoe based on your arch type, you can further filter them based on discounts.

Discounted shoes online in India

Rinse and repeat these above steps until you find the best shoes for running online.

Summary: Choosing the right shoes for running is not a complicated process. Once you figure out your arch type and which type of shoes you need just need to compare the prices of these shoes and buy best the best running shoes at the lowest prices. This guide will not only help you in choosing the best running shoes online but also this will help you to choose the best running shoes from retail stores.

Final Tip: If you are still confused about which running shoes are best for you then you can just buy neutral running shoes to start with.

FAQs for Buying Running Shoes Online

Should I buy running shoes bigger than the normal size.

Its always safe to buy shoes which are half a size bigger than your normal size. This is to allow your feet to wiggle around while you are running. Therefore you should ideally buy shoes which are half a size bigger than your usual size. It is therefore very important to measure your foot properly because each brand has their own size guidelines.

How do we measure exact foot size?

First things first, the best time to measure your feet is either in the afternoon or evening when your feet have flattened out. If you try and measure your feet in the morning you will notice that they are a bit smaller than the size that you took during the afternoon or evening. Therefore it is better to do it in the evening. Just keep in mind that every centimeter counts when you are looking for buy comfortable running shoe.

Can I use Trail running shoes for Road Running?

You can occasionally use your trail running shoes for running on hard road surfaces and pavements but not everytime. We don’t suggest that you use trail running shoes whenever you go for road running but you can certainly use them once in a while. This is because trail running shoes are made for rugged terrain and nature trails, to offer more traction and stability to the runner.

It is therefore advised to keep a pair of shoes for road running and a different pair for trail running.

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